I build sites that turn visitors who are interested into qualified buyers, eliminating unnecessary sales calls and redirecting visitors who are unqualified into nurturing eco-systems to further educate them.

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This is not another “digital brochure.” The overall designs are highly driven by performance and strong functionalities.


My Roles:

I led the overall design, development, and branding strategies. 



This is in collaboration with PT Consulting. His pain point is the idea that his prospects are confused because his services have the same offerings as those of other appointment-setting agencies. In the online marketing space, booking appointments as a service is very saturated due to social media agency owners being bombarded with messages offering the same crazy guarantees for the number of meetings they can book per month. However, Prince specialises in the e-commerce space, so his service is training a team of outbound specialists to be placed in-house, and their goal is to book meetings with high-quality e-com brands that have a high intent of purchasing.



The habits prospects have in common are checking the messenger bio and clicking on the site link that is displayed in it, or some would want to move from the aware stage to the interest stage, and they would ask for a website to learn more about what he has to offer. So the goal is to separate him from the rest as a specialist and create authority as a person who understands the e-commerce niche. It is not a hard goal to achieve as most websites in the industry do not break down the different features of their service, meaning they lack the ability to educate leads and use the same cookie cutter template, which does not visually grab users attention. 


The Goal of the page design features 

Relevant hero section:
I kicked off the redesign of the client dashboard to make it more sophisticated and subtle, communicating the benefits the service provides to their clients right away with a strong professional tone. The hero section, by spotlighting the focus with the headline taking most of the space and using a visual hierarchy that centres the statement at the very top, makes the first section pop, creates a clear path at the start, then slowly overwhelms the users, and provides free value from the start with a small call to action step, setting the visual narrative of the page. The heading is simplistic to guide attention; the goal is to make the viewers explore the brand essence even further.  


Destructive Balance is Key:


“We adore chaos because we love to produce order” – M.C Escher


This concept is very crucial for the next two sections, specifically the Bento Box UI style to present what features the clients get in the service in just one grouping, in a way packaging it all up and visually turning it into a product that clients can receive. A visual hierarchy of organisation with complex moving visual elements contained within. Bento box design style is not a trend that will go outdated, as its principles are solid due to Apple’s popular UI elements being the go-to standard for modern aesthetics.  


The choice of using this structure is not because Apple’s UI layout is popular but because, as Prince mentioned and linked to M.C. Escher’s quote above, the concept of outbound campaigns and lead generation is turning the process of mystery and chaos from outreaching to signing on strangers to clients into a predictable and reliable system. Additionally, Prince Brand communicates organisation; he tracks every metric and systematises positive and negative details in his own and clients work, as seen in his social channel contents.


Joined community functionality as an alternative option:  


This website is not aesthetic-driven alone; once the users reach the end of the page and see the price range, they may not have the investment, are unqualified, or want to have a better understanding of the brand service delivery process before booking a call. There is a fallback continuity method, which is the ‘free community’ option next to the ‘done-for-you programme’, which redirects the leads to the brand community, helping Prince own his audience attention, educating them even further within his own nurturing funnel, and growing his brand values with audiences.


 A truly fun design removes mystery and uncertainty for the viewers:


Prince’s goal for the site is to book calls with high-ticket clients and serious buyers, not ‘window shoppers.’ He normally tells people the price right away in the DMS, as people who he aims to sign on have more money than time. So he wants to remove the mysterious tactic that most people in the online marketing space use to get meetings. So what better way than to include the full price of his service in the last section above the footer to remove any unnecessary meetings. The objective of the calls should mainly be about reassurance and collecting payments. The idea behind the pricing plan section is to transform the design into memorable experiences; it’s what keeps users coming back for more. 


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